Let Our Baytown Sprinkler Installation Team Optimize Your System

It might seem weird to talk about water conservation when we sit right on the Gulf of Mexico where there is water for as far as you can see, but it is something we have to deal with. The cost of using water, even that right out of the Gulf, is rising so the city is starting to implement a water conservation agenda.

Some of The Things Our Team Will Do In Order To Help You Save Water

our Baytown sprinkler installation team suggests watering should be done in the morningWhile there currently aren't any restrictions on watering in Baytown, there are some strong suggestions from the city government. Whenever we get a permit we have to agree to use drip irrigation systems whenever possible and use large drop rotors instead of fine misters. We also must take into account all prevailing winds on the property. Of course, this is all stuff that we did prior to the city suggesting it, so nothing on our end has changed.

We will set up your system to water early in the morning so the least amount of water is lost to evaporation. This way all of the water that you use gets to the plant root systems. We also employ the use of water sensors on every system to stop your irrigation controller from turning on when it isn't necessary. We've already talked about drip irrigation systems, but they are a huge part of water conservation. If you have flower beds or specimen gardens, drip irrigation is a no brainer.

Reducing The Vegetation Will Help You Save Water

having less vegetation means using less waterAnother way to cut down on water usage is to limit the amount of vegetation in your landscape. That could mean adding some hardscapes, recirculating fountains, or sitting areas to your lawn. It could also mean large planting beds with rock or mulch and a few nicely placed specimen plants. The absolute worst thing you can have when conserving water is a large expanse of turf grass. If you must have it, know that it will be the major source of your Baytown watering bill.